Polyurethane equipment production workshop

Polyurethane workshop
Proficient assembly of equipment parts and a consistently improved manufacturing process in our polyurethane equipment production workshop realizes the output of over 120 sets of different types of polyurethane equipment every year for customers all over the world.

Elastomer Casting Machine
As a three-component high-temperature elastic machine, the elastomer casting machine is used as an alternative of casters, rubber rollers and other rubber products. Featured by accurate metering, uniform mixing, stable performance, new discharge valve and good vacuum degree, the machine produces products without bubbles generally, providing a better value.

Two-component high-pressure foaming machine
The two-component high-pressure foaming machine is mainly used for the production of steering wheels, high rebound and slow rebound memory pillows and a wide variety of other products. The equipment adopts an imported German made flowmeter. The use of magnetic coupling avoids the penetration of raw materials. Our hydraulic system is mainly used to control the high-pressure gun head and provide power for it.

Polyurethane equipment application
Polyurethane equipment is applicable for manufacturing various types of products, such as synthetic wood products, memory pillows, elastomer components, low-pressure foam products, sealing strips and so on.

Polyurethane equipment production workshop

Covering an area of 5500 square meters, polyurethane equipment production workshop is equipped with over 50 lathes, milling machines, planing machines, grinding machines, drilling machines and other machining equipment, and 55 skilled processing and assembly staffs. The processing capacity and rich inventory ensures the production of over 120 various types of polyurethane equipment every year.

  • Polyurethane equipment production workshop

Three-component elastomer casting machine is comprised of electrical control system, metering system, frequency control, MOCA automatic feeding system and vacuum feeding system, coloring system, insulation system and cleaning system. It is mainly used for processing of polyurethane elastomer products which use MCOA, BDO and other substances as chain extender.

  • Three-component elastomer casting machine

We have Taiwan Delta and Siemens PLC control systems for customer’s option.

  • Coloring system
  • Three-component foaming head
  • Electric cabinet
  • Human-machine interface

Imported Germany vacuum pumps are mainly for automatic feeding and defoaming.

  • Imported Germany vacuum pump

MOCA melter motivates solid MOCA raw materials to directly melt to liquid and flow into raw material tank for direct use.

  • MOCA melter

In addition to special applications for filling materials, two-component high-pressure foaming machine is widely used for production of other types of polyurethane foam, such as adiabatic low-density polyurethane foam, soft foam for automotive and furniture and so on. The machine is equipped with Germany metering pumps, Siemens inverter, self-cleaning filters and other high-quality components.

  • Two-component high-pressure foaming machine
  • Self-cleaning filters

High-pressure gun head is mainly used for mixing raw materials. Magnetic coupling is employed to avoid penetration of raw materials and ensure high efficiency and high reliability of the equipment.

  • High-pressure gun head
  • Magnetic coupling

Polyurethane equipment produces many types of products. It uses different raw materials to produce various faux wood products. The softness and hardness of the memory pillow can be adjusted to highlight the elastic effect according to customer’s needs. It also produces elastomer components used in various products. The low pressure or high pressure foaming products are suitable for automotive interior and exterior decorative parts, refrigerator insulation, upholstery decoration, pipe insulation and so on.

  • Faux wood
  • Memory pillows
  • Elastomer components
  • Low, high-pressure foaming products
  • Polyurethane equipment production workshop
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