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In today’s global economy there is an incredible thirst for products which all need to be manufactured. All this manufacturing requires durable, effective manufacturing machinery, just like that produced by Extreme Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. In business for nearly a decade, EMM specializes in manufacturing large machinery, including CNC punching machine, riveting machine, shearing machine, folding machine, drilling machine, milling machine, lathe, punching machine and multi-axis machining centers and so on. Our machinery will make your plant run smooth and efficiently for great profit opportunities!

We have developed our EMM brand with over 12 years of international trade experiences and mechanical processing experience, our machinery has sold to as many as 120 countries like Germany, Japan, UK, Argentina, Russia, Brazil and so on. Our high-quality equipment and services are highly acclaimed by more than 200 VIP customers.

Paying close attention to client’s service experience and valued feedback, EMM' is committed to communicate with customers in English and integrate multi-channel resources to effectively provide worldwide customers with metal processing machinery solutions and professional technical guidance to satisfy every customer.

EMM has a strong belief in the spirit of innovation and hard work to provide customers with cost-effective, value-added products and services by properly combining domestic and international features. The diligent EMM group is looking forward to cooperating and developing win-win relationships with clients worldwide!

About EMM
  • Polyurethane equipment production workshop
  • Linear punching equipment production workshop
  • Non-standard automation equipment production workshop

Founded in 2008, Extreme Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. has established long-term cooperation with many enterprises. It is a professional supplier of punching machines, lathes, bending machines, cutting machines, drilling machines, milling machines, rolling machines, polyurethane equipment, linear punching machines and other metal processing equipment.

  • Design office
  • Design of non-standard product turntable workpiece

Dedicated to research and innovation, EMM’s technical team formed long-term cooperation to help enterprises and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Jiangsu University and many other institutions. The company has obtained a number of patents and employed several professionals with Ph.D. degrees. EMM is committed to providing customers with a complete solution in metal processing industry.

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9 years since its establishment, EMM seizes the opportunity to coordinate all resources and supply good service and professional metal processing machinery solution to customers. The complete industrial supply chain allows us to offer qualified products to more than 800 partners in the world.

  • General Manager of EMM
  • Polyurethane equipment production workshop
  • Linear punching equipment production workshop
  • Non-standard automation equipment production workshop